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Manage Catalogue Items

Obtain Token to Create Catalogue

To create/update/delete a catalogue entry in the IUDX Catalogue Server, a provider should obtain a token using IUDX Authorization Servers Create Token APIs.

To obtain a token, a provider can either specify their clientId and clientSecret in the header or specify a token header. The clientId and clientSecret are generated for a provider on their Successful Registration.

A provider can obtain a token using the Create Token APIs with the following request body.

"itemId": "",
"itemType": "resource",
"role": "provider"

The itemId here specifies the catalogue instance in the IUDX Catalogue Server in which the provider intends to perform a create/update/delete operation and is represented in the following format:

It is to be noted that a provider would be entitled to create/update/delete catalogue entries only on their catalogue instances through an explicit policy specified by the IUDX Admin in the IUDX Authorization Server. A provider will not obtain any token to perform create/update/delete operations on the catalogue entries for other catalogue instances in the IUDX Catalogue Server.

Upload Catalogue Entries to the Catalogue Server

On successfully obtaining a Create Catalogue Token, a provider can upload the catalogue entries to the IUDX Catalogue Server.

Assuming the catalogue entries for provider and resource_server are already uploaded by the IUDX Admin, a provider can know insert the entries for resource_group followed by the entries for the resource to the IUDX Catalogue Server.

The Python script below shows an example of inserting a catalogue entry to the IUDX Catalogue Server using the Create Item API.

import json
import requests

catalogue_url = ''
token = '<token_obtained_from_IUDX_Authorization_Servers>'
path = '<./path_to_the_catalogue_entry_file>'

api = 'https://' + catalogue_url + '/iudx/cat/v1/item'

headers = {'content-type': 'application/json', 'token': token}

with open(path, 'r') as catalogue_file:
catalogue_item = json.load(catalogue_file)

r =, json.dumps(catalogue_item), headers=headers)

print r.status_code
print r.json()